P.A.R. Products

Tim Shiner
President/Owner - Texas Sales
CELL: (817) 219-6666
E-MAIL: tim@parproducts.com

Ernie Quintana
VP of Sales - Arkansas, Oklahoma, Dallas, North, East and West Texas Sales
CELL: (903) 814-6939
E-MAIL: ernie@parproducts.com

Kyle Seay
South Texas and Louisiana Sales
CELL: (817) 701-6847
E-MAIL: kyle@parproducts.com

Craig Culpepper
South Texas Sales
CELL: (830) 237-3092
E-MAIL: craig@parproducts.com

Justin Brown
West Texas Sales
CELL: (817) 243-9687
E-MAIL: justin@parproducts.com

Managing territories include: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & Texas

Regional Manager: Trine