• 3275VRP electric strike for the a door header
  • 3250som the only electric strike for dor-o-matic
  • 4100 electric strike is fire rated, burglary rated, and 294 rated, includes 4 faceplates.
  • 4850 rim mounted electric strike with versatile thicknesses
  • 323478F smallest fire rated electric strike
  • en400cmrp electric strike kit for all gate installtions
  • 4800F 3/4 inch fire rated solution for rim panic exit devices
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3275VRP the smallest electric strike solution for vertical rods 3275VRP

The smallest electric strike solution for vertical rods systems with latches. Much smaller then anything currently on the market you can use these side by side for double door installations.
>>> 3275VRP
leaves for holidays - trine electric strikes 4100 Video

Have you seen the Youtube Video for the 4100 Electric strike? Take a couple minutes and see the versatility for yourself.

4100 electric strike video
Happy Holidays 2022 Pricebook - June 15th Price increase (PDF)

Trine Access Technology's November 2022 pricebook and PDF is now available for download. Price Change is effective June 15th 2022

>>> 2022 Pricebook
Trine Access Technology has produced and designed innovative electric strikes for over 70 years. We have changed the market for electric strikes again and again, making the electric strike more versatile and usable in more places: like on outdoor gates, in the header of a frame, and other specialized situations.

We are the company who... created the smallest electric strike in the world... developed the only real outdoor rated electric strike, truly making electric strikes on gates a possibility... created the most flexible and secure surface mounted electric strike... first put the most used faceplates in the box for their mortise lock electric strikes (and gave you AC and DC without any extra accessories)... made a great installation tool using the actual electric strike to install rim panic devices... and made the market a fire rated rim panic electric strike for the same price of some competitors non-fire rated strikes!

Whether wood frames or a hollow metal frame, rim panic device or mortise lock, we have a solution for you. We are Trine Access Technology. Install an Axion: Premium Electric Strike today!

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