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Electric Strike Manufacturing through the years: June, 2015
"Early in my career as a locksmith, I installed mainly two brands of electric strikes, Adams Rite and Trine. Trine electric strikes were 00 Series, installed mainly into light commercial application wooden jambs" - Jerry Levine
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Fire Doors: The First Line of Defense: Jan, 2015
"Fire doors are a vital part of a buildings passive fire protection system" - Lori Greene (External Link)

Electric Strike Evolution: March, 2014
"Electric strikes were invented over a century ago to do one job: to remotely release a locked door" - Gale Johnson (External Link)

Servicing and Upgrading Storefront Doors: Aug, 2014
"Aluminum glass stile doors are used for exterior applications to provide as much light and visibility as possible." - Jerry Levine (External Link)

4200 Electric Strike: February, 2014
"The Trine 4200 features a removable ramp/fascia" (External Link)

Trine Wireless Controller and Transmitter: Simplified Access Control: Feb, 2012
"However, to provide access for a visitor or person who was not authorized, the receptionist or any person close to the front door would operate the exit device to open the door." - Jerry Levine (External Link)

Locksmith Ledger - By Jerry Levine Dec, 2011
Installing the 4850 Surface Mount Electric Strike (PDF)

4850-PoE Press Release: October, 2011
New Low Current Draw Electric Strike for PoE brought to You by Trine Access Technology (External Link)

Locksmith Ledger Product Showcase: October, 2011
4850-PoE Locksmith Ledger (External Link)

Locksmith Ledger Article: June, 2008
Trine Axion 3000 Series Strike (External Link)

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