4300 Electric Strike

four faceplates for the 4300 electric strike
4 Faceplates Included.   4300 electric strike image with dimensions

The most flexible electric strike solution for cylindrical locks and deadlatches.

We include the 4 most used faceplates to make specifying and installing this electic strike easy on any frame, especially aluminum.

>>> 4300 Option with 2 faceplates?

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4300 Electric Strike Features:

  • 1/4" Horizontal Adjustment -- The 4300 has a great 1/4" horizontal adjustment included. Some competitor models require you to buy a more expensive model to get the same flexibility.
  • Four popular faceplates included -- including the 4 most used faceplates for cylindrical lcoks and deadlatches
  • 1 - 1/16 Shallow backset -- the electric strike solves depth problems, as with glass store fronts.
  • Low Current Draw -- .240 Amp at 12DC makes it very PoE Friendly 12 & 24DC :: 12 through 24 AC. All the low voltage and amperage flexibility you need
  • The included trim skirt covers any gaps or irregularities on an install. Plus it matches the strike finish.
  • The 3200 electric strike latch solves the auxillery latchpin problems many other electric strikes run into.
  • Cutout Specification A115.1 (with Slight Jamb Modification)

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Electric Strike Standards:

  • WH recognized for UL1034 Burglary Resistant
  • WH recognized for UL294 (6th Edition) listed
  • ANSI A156.5 - 1992 - 4-7/8" x 1-1/4" Fits
  • Grade 1 electric strike

4300 Electrical Characteristics:

VoltsCurrentOhms (Ω)DutySoundWire Color
12DC0.240 A50 ΩIntm./Cont.SilentBlue/Red
24DC0.114 A210 ΩIntm./Cont.SilentBrown/Red
12AC0.210 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red
16AC0.280 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red
24AC0.420 A50 ΩIntm.BuzzBlue/Red

When removing the connector and using the wires direct; Red Wire is Common, Blue Wire accepts 12DC & 12-16 AC, Brown Wire accepts 24DC.

4300 Available Finishes

Satin Stainless Steel - BHMA630
Aluminum Powder Coat
Black Powder Coat
Dark Bronze Powder Coat

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