478LO/RO Faceplate

The 478 for Door sag - handing required.

60% LESS FRAME CUTTING of Frame Face for ANSI 4 7/8 pre-prep frames. For new or replacement installations in wood, metal or aluminum frames. The strike opening on this face plate is offset by 3/16 the center to accomodate door sag.

Downloadable content:

478 Features:

  • No ugly black ramps!
  • Allows for door sag.
  • Tested to Grade 1 Specification for Electric Strikes - Your ANSI Solution.
  • 60% less cutting of the frame.
  • * Must Specify 478RO or 478LO for Right Offset ir Left Offset
  • Modular System: Always be prepared, go Modular. Use ANY of the 9 faceplates in the 3000 series with any ⇒ 3012, 3024, 30LC or 30RS mechanism

478RO/LO Available Finishes

478-10B -- Powder Coat Dark Bronze478-32 -- Stainless Chrome (BHMA651)
478-32D -- Satin Stainless Steel (BHMA630)Add "RD" for Radiused Corners

EX: 478RORD-32D
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