Universal 4850 with 2 spacer plates.
Both Spacers Included.  


1/2" Surface mounted strike for Rim Panic Devices.

The most flexible electric strike for use with surface mounted rim exit devices with up to 1 (6 different thicknesses altogether).

Need a fire rated surface mount strike you can install every day? Use the 4800F

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4850 Features:

  • 1/2 thick Surface Mount that comes with a 1/4 and now with two (2) 1/16 Spacers (replaces the 1/8" spacer) -- the most versatile rim panic strike NOW provides the flexibility of 6 different sizes!
  • Cavity is completely open -- which means the 4850 allows for an incremental depth up to a 1" throw -- competitor backplates do not allow for this versatility.
  • Built-in electronics automatically allow 11 thru 28 DC Voltage input -- with surge and kickback protection
  • Comes with Trines Patented 6-Pin Anchoring System
  • Contains a one piece locking mechanism with one Solenoid -- less parts mean less problems.
  • Fail-safe/Fail-secure (field selectable).
  • BHMA Grade 1 Electric Strike -- 1,000,000+ Life cycles -- 1,500+ lbs. Holding Force
  • No cutting or worrying about voltage means you are always prepared.
  • Low Current Draw Available 4850PoE for 12DC and 4850LCD for 24DC
  • For a fire rated rim panic strike use the 4800F

4850 Electrical Characteristics: "DC Plug and Play"

(DC Only)
Pull In/Holding
12DC0.500 / 0.178Intm./Cont. Silent
16DC0.385 / 0.131 Intm./Cont. Silent
24DC0.255 / 0.084 Intm./Cont. Silent

4850 Available Finishes

Satin Stainless Steel - BHMA630
Dark Bronze - BHMA613

4850-10B finish is discontinued - please use 4850DKBZ
Bright Brass -- BHMA605
Satin Brass -- BHMA606
Satin Bronze -- BHMA612
Stainless Steel -- BHMA651
Dark Bronze Powder Coat


Need latchbolt monitoring for your Axion 4850 go to the   ⇒ 4800 Series Accessories Page

4800-SS & 4850-SS - Extra Steel Spacer Plates:

We supply one (1) 1/4" plate and two (2) 1/16" thick spacer plates in the box, for those installations that require mounting the strike closer to the panic bar. In addition, the spacer plates can be used as a template during installation. This is especially helpful when installing Trines patented anchoring system. You can order an additional 1/4" Spacer plate with part # 4850-SS or two (2) 1/16" Spacer plate with part number 4800-SS.

Fits in Tight Installs like Glass.Smart Plug & Play Self Adjusting 11V through 28V DC Surge & Kickback Protection included.Install Securely with our Patented Anchor Pin System
4850 and Aluminum Doors 4850 and the PC board 4850 and Trine Patented 4-pin anchoring system

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