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Up to date product changes and information.

May 2015:
Fire Rated 4800F, replaces 4800, get a fire rated rim panic electric strike for the cost of the competitor non-fire rated strike. >>> 4800F Press Release (Opens new link)

May 2014:
4200, the electric strike game changer, the first strike to offer removable fascia's for color options. >>> 4200 Press Release (Opens new link)

April 2014:
Trine 4850-ITL - The Ultimate Installation Tool for Electric Strikes. >>> 4850ITL Press Release (Opens new link)

November 2012:
The 4100 Electric Strike: The One Box Solution for cylindrical and mortise locks.. >>> 4100 Press Release (Opens new link)

June 2012:
New EN400RP - Electric Strike for Rim Panic Devices on Outdoor Gates and Fences. >>> EN400RP Press Release (Opens new link)

December 2011:
New 4850-LCD - .a .135 Amp (3.24 Watts) at 24DC electric strike. More >>>

October 2011:
New 4850-PoE - .a .260 Amp (3.12 Watts) at 12DC electric strike. More >>>

April 2011:
017TDC-2 and EN900/900W are discontinued. More >>>

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